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What is Z.E. READY?

The Z.E. READY label is for use by RENAULT partners to demonstrate that they have provided a charging solution that is compatible with RENAULT Z.E. vehicles. Existing partners include charging infrastructure suppliers and mobility operators

The Z.E. READY label requires that for any product to be certified it must respond to current standards and regulations with regards to EV charging as well as to additional conditions set out by RENAULT to encure the customer benefits from a high standard of robustness and performance.

The Z.E. READY label is displayed on the products and covers the compliance of the product as well as its installation.

How does it work?

To be eligible to use the label, the partner must:

  • Sign an commitment to comply with the process : Form ZER 37 (*)
  • Obtain certification of their product and associated installation process

The partner submits their case to the Z.E. READY committee for evaluation and certification.

The certification is done in five steps:

  • Initialisation
  • Declaration
  • Validation
  • Qualification
  • License

Any questions ?

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