Webinar The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) applied to Cables

Since its entry into force a few years ago, the cable industry has learned to apply the new Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (CPR).

Although the experts have mastered the subject, there are still questions that need to be addressed for the majority of people.
What has changed since the regulation came into force?
How do I apply it, whether I am a manufacturer, a prescriber, a distributor, an installer, or a user? How can I be sure to comply with the regulation?
How do I select the right products for my installation or installation project?
Which organisations can help me?
What are the requirements and performance monitoring controls for manufactured cables?
Where can I find understandable information if I am not an expert in the field?

These are all questions that we will address during this webinar organised jointly with Sycabel (the professional organisation of the electrical and communication wire and cable industry and a major player in economic development and regional planning).
We will also specify the role of the LCIE as a notified body by France to ensure the proper implementation of this new regulation.

LCIE Bureau Veritas :
Rachid Azzimani – rachid.azzimani@bureauveritas.com

Francis Rouet – francis.rouet@sycabel.com

Date : Tuesday 08 June 2021 at 10am