LCIE Bureau Veritas


As a full subsidiary of Bureau Veritas, LCIE is committed to respecting the code of ethics to which Bureau Veritas has committed.

Our core values ​​are immutable and absolute. They are centered on integrity and ethics, the impartiality and independence of our opinions, respect for all individuals and social and environmental responsibility.

Each employee is fully committed to these values, as they ​​are the foundation of Bureau Veritas.

They strengthen our unity and coherence and support our growth strategy.

Two of these core values ​​are:

  • Integrity and ethics

  • The impartiality and independence of our opinions

These were fundamental in recent work.

This work was led by the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA). The agency’s goal is to develop a binding compliance program for all its members. The aim of the program is to improve the status of this profession by ensuring that each IFIA member:

  • Applies minimum standards of professional conduct throughout its organization
  • Ensures ethical behavior
  • Guarantees the integrity of its services

We committed to developing and implementing a compliance program that covers our entire organization. The principles and rules of this program are grouped together in the current “Code of Ethics”, which meets all requirements listed within the IFIA Compliance Code.

All employees, managers and executives have the responsibility to ensure program compliance is a part of our business processes and our future operations.


We act in good faith, honesty and fairness
We do what we said we would do
We deliver our services in accordance with established contracts and defined action items
We follow group policies and procedures
We respect the confidentiality of business and personal data
We respect professional standards, as well as the local and international ethics impacted by our operations
We provide information, instructions and training to ensure necessary health and safety measures for our teams.

We are all subject to health and safety obligations and responsibilities.


We deliver unbiased, impartial professional advice

We deliver reports that accurately reflect the performed work in accordance with our best practices.


We consider others as they are entitled to be considered

We always consider the impact of our personal actions on others around us

Our individual contributions are recognized and evaluated; accurate performance feedback is provided to all on a regular basis

We respect differences and all stakeholders without any discrimination on nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, religious or political beliefs.


Given the increasingly strong commitment of companies to its respective society, new challenges have emerged concerning profitability and responsibility.

Bureau Veritas’ awareness of these existing risks creates new requirements and programs that have an impact at the organizational and managerial levels.

Bureau Veritas and each one of its employees, considers the impact of his or her actions on the surrounding community, people and activities.


Bureau Veritas maintains good relations with the communities in which it works in accordance with applicable laws and professional ethics.