Discover the BV Cyber Mark !

Bureau Veritas launches BV Cyber Mark
for Consumer IoT Products;
Extends scope of BV Mark scheme

With the proliferation of connected devices in the Web 4.0 revolution, Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming crucial to the protection of data from those with criminal intent.

It ensures the protection of networks, devices and data from unauthorized access – and with the proliferation of connected consumer devices, it is more important than ever to safeguard private data.

Cybersecurity Risks

  • Growing Cyber threat – More and more businesses experiencing cybersecurity issues
  • Data is everywhere – With rising digitalization comes increased data to protect
  • Protect Industrial Processes  – Internal and Industrial systems should be protected to safeguard against operation and revenue loss
  • Financial Loss  – Be it theft, loss of operations, ability to trade or loss of contract
  • Reputation Damage  – Consumers are increasingly aware of Cyber attacks – heightening risk of reputational damage
  • Legal consequences  – Risk of fines and regulatory sanctions if appropriate security not implemented.
Consumers are demanding for more secure consumer connected devices, and there is a lack of clear cybersecurity labelling for them to leverage when making purchasing decisions. How can consumers understand clearly the key tenets and considerations of cybersecure design? How can vendors easily illustrate their products’ Cybersecurity level at a glance and alleviate customer concerns surrounding cybersecurity? How can schemes keep pace with the rapidly changing world of Cybersecurity?  

BV’s Cyber Mark has been created to solve these problems.
The Cyber Mark leverages Bureau Veritas’ existing BV Mark scheme and verifies true Cybersecurity of consumer IoT products, with the scheme backed by accepted and recognized international standard ETSI EN 303 645, BV CPS’ Cybersecurity expertise, and a clear label to denote the real Cybersecurity level of consumer products. With three levels of testing and certification designed to meet specific customer needs, the BV Cyber Mark label clearly displays the Cybersecurity level of the product tested, with a QR code linking to where further product and testing protocol information can be found.
Furthermore, with the ever-changing nature of Cybersecurity and new risks being uncovered frequently, BV’s Cyber Mark scheme will be consistently updated to meet these new challenges – continually ensuring Cybersecurity now and into the future.

Benefits of BV Cyber Mark
    • Demonstrate that your projects and operations are safe and secure
    • Mitigate risk of cyber-attack & identify vulnerabilities that could allow hackers easy entry into your network
    • Ensure that your business complies with regulations, and significantly reduce chances of data breaches
    • Based on ETSI EN 303 645, which covers consumer IoT devices while establishing a good security baseline for manufacturers, ensuring cybersecurity is incorporated into IoT products from their design
  • The BV Cyber Mark will progressively be expanded to cover new product lines within technology, and deployed by other divisions of Bureau Veritas, according to market and location needs. Existing certification marks used by our clients will remain operational to meet their needs