European approval of electrical and electronic sub-assemblies

SEEEs permanently attached to vehicules and connected to its harness via the CAN-Bus, must be approved according to ECE R10 regulations.

The Geneva Regulation of 1958 defines the Technical Services authorised to carry out the tests for each country as well as the administrative entities signing the approval forms.

LCIE Bureau Veritas is recognised as a Technical Service and is today able to issue approvals by dealing directly with the services of the administrations concerned to

  • France (E2)
  • the Netherlands (E4)
  • Cyprus (E49)

Model approval regime for systems/components :

a) EMC requirements

Tests according to UNECE Regulation R10

UN-R10 tests for specific approval requirements, including UN-R13H, UN-R46, UN-R79 and UN-R89 for commodities; UN-R110 for special vehicles; UN-R116 for anti-theft and alarm systems; UN-R130, UN-R131, UN-R140, UN-R141 and UN-R144 for advanced security; etc…

b) Lighting requirements

UN-R3, R4, R6, R7, R148, R149, R150